2013-2014 Advocate Recruiting Has Started!

Fusion has begun recruiting Advocates for the 2013-2014 school year. Advocates are the backbone of Fusion, taking the lead in training and discipling students in the fall semester and ultimately leading Fusion students internationally for the spring semester (4 months overseas). 

What is an Advocate? 

Advocates are the backbone of Fusion and serve in multiple capacities such as discipleship leaders, resident assistants, and international mission team leaders. The Advocate’s leadership is intentionally designed to challenge high school graduates to an extraordinary commitment to evangelism and discipleship and provide young people a directional process from adolescence into Biblical adulthood. 


Fusion Advocacy is a nine month commitment (August - May). 


Fusion provides August-December housing, food, travel, all uniforms, equipment and training expenses for the fall semester.



Fusion also covers all overseas expenses for Advocates in the Spring semester, including:  all international travel costs including round trip airfare, all in country travel costs, in country living expenses, Fusion international orientation and debriefing, all visa fees, and international travel insurance. This is a $7000+ value!


-Must be at last 22 years old or college graduate or prior military 21 or older

-Strong leader

-Exhibit spiritual/personal maturity; with a thorough understanding of personal discipleship and experience discipling others.

-Complete a personal interview with the Fusion Executive Leadership.

-Passionate about sharing the Gospel

-Highly motivated

-Highly flexible

-International mission experience is useful but not required

-Have excellent health and fitness 

-Outdoor and wildneress survival experience is helpful but not required.

-Foreign mission experience is helpful but not required.

-Foreign language experience is helpful but not required. Specifically seeking experience in Arabic, Albanian, Bengali, Dinka, Kurdish, Nepali, Poshto, Spanish, and Urdu.


For more information, please call 816-414-3777 or email

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